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Dear Readers:
Please feel free to contact me at anytime via e-mail: 
I am also on Facebook, Twitter (@kathryn_erika), Goodreads, and LinkedIn.  I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and feedback! 

Dear Authors:
Being an Indie Author myself, I am hopeful to support Indie Writers on this site!  I would love to conduct an Author Interview with you and potentially read and review your picture-books, children's, middle grade, or tween books and/or ARC's! 
UPDATE: For 2016 I am most interested in Reviewing PICTURE BOOKS - as I will be releasing AUDIE THE ANGEL's Picture Book this year! 

Author Interviews: 
If you would like to have an Author Interview conducted, just e-mail me a request with a brief description of your book.  If it is a good fit for this Blog, I will email you with some questions and have you respond by a specific deadline. I will post my review and/or  your interview on my site.

Preferred format for Reviews: 
Paperback copy by mail is preferable, however I will also consider Kindle e-book format.  For ARC's I can also accept PDF. 

Guidelines for the books I will support:
  1. Please ensure it is decently edited. I have learned this one the hard way myself and I want to encourage all writer's to get professionally edited. 
  2. Please only send me a request if it is a clean read.  I would like to read books that are targeted for readers aged 0-10.  I have a daughter who I'd love to be able to share some of the books with too. 
  3. Please ensure it is published or slated to be so.  I am Indie-writer-friendly, so self-published is fine too! 
  4. Please ensure it is on Amazon or Goodreads, so that I can share my review in more than one place if possible. 
  5. Once my Author Interview and/or Review is posted I only ask that you share it on your social media connections as much as you can. 
Review Policy:
  1. When you send me a request there is no guarantee that I will accept your book.   
  2. If I do accept it, I will review it publicly on Amazon, Goodreads, and on my Blog.
  3. If I am unable to finish a book for one reason or another, I will still review the book in a public forum, but make it quite clear how far I got into the book and why I had to stop.
  4. Agreeing to review your book does not guarantee a favorable review, and it does not guarantee to be featured in a blog post.
How I rate:
1 Blonde Star: I couldn't even get through the book, I will most likely contact the Author on this. 
2 Blonde Stars: This book has a lot of problems but there are a few shining moments. 
3 Blonde Stars: I like the idea of the book, but I can't rate higher because of some major flaw or multiple minor flaws.
4 Blonde Stars: I'm in real "like" of the book, but not totally fallen for it. 
5 Blonde Stars: Perfecto!  Polished, perfect, and possibly I'm in love!

For Author Interview and Book Review Requests please email me at  

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I really look forward to hearing from you!   :-) 

Erika Kathryn

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