Sunday, October 27, 2013

For all the Mommies out there that love to read, my new novel:
Is out on Amazon and on The Wild Rose Press publishing site right now! 
It's a romantic comedy great for anyone who knows a thing about Cheaters!
When a woman gets cheated on, who can she call?
The Cheater Eater, that's who!

For years, Kat Clyne built a business slurping up man-stew for brunch with a side of mimosa, and devotedly labeling herself "the Cheater Eater" while working for the local paper. Being hired to carry out her own brand of justice is just the tip of the fork, and in order to reach a bigger audience of women in need, she starts blogging about her theories, rules, and advice.

That is until she meets Cave Maverick, the man assigned to be her partner at the paper and a cheater himself. Determined to help women everywhere with their broken hearts, Kat struggles with the idea Cave may be one of those mythical creatures known as a good guy, but will accepting a cheater make her lose more than her heart?

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