Saturday, June 1, 2013


I'm kicking off this NEW BLONDE BOOK BLOG with a Contest!

Just recently I wondered if creativity is hereditary and so for all of you Writers, Authors, Readers, and Daydreamers out there with incredible imaginations, I want to open this contest up to YOUR KIDS!  For June & July I will be accepting writing sample submissions from anyone of the ages 0 -14.     

The TOP 3 BEST submissions, will EACH receive a $10 Amazon gift card AND signed copies of both Volumes 1 & 2 of The Angel Archives middle grade trilogy.    

In order to WIN, I will be looking for:
  • Creativity
  • Clarity & Description
  • Characters & Plot 
Rules for the Contest:
  • Contest Start Date: June 3, 2013 (My Birthday! :-)
  • Contest End Date:  July 31, 2013 (at Midnight CST)
  • Winners Announced:  First Week of August via e-mail and on my blog
  • Do not cheat and write it for them, I am going on the honor system
  • Submissions can be any type of writing sample.  Examples:  short story, poem, a chapter, picture book, screenplay, script, TV episode, etc. 
  • It must be no more than 5 pages in length.
  • Must be typed (you can help them with this part) and e-mailed to by the contest end date.   
  • Please include in each submission the child's name, their gender, age, and one interesting fact about them, as well as their writing sample. 
I will also provide positive feedback to each entrant, as I'm sure you'd agree, we want to encourage them to continue honing their craft! 

I can't wait to read what your kids have to write and I thank you in advance for visiting this NEW BOOK BLOG!!!

~Erika Kathryn~


  1. Dear Erika,
    Happy belated Birthday! What a great idea for a contest. I'll ask my daughter (aged 9 and 3/4) to submit one of her stories. Does your daughter write, too?

  2. Thank you! She is not quite 2 yet, but LOVES people to read to her! She picks out a book and sits right in your lap so I have a feeling she'll be a "Bookie" too! :-)

    I can't wait to see what your daughter comes up with! YEA!

  3. Hi Erika, just thought I'd check out all your posts after reading your first review and stumbled upon your very 1st blog post! I will show both my darlings your contest and see if either is interested. I have a 9 yr old boy (who reads Big Nate, Garfield, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Jinx the loser series!) and a 14 yr old daughter who is turning into a fabulous artist. She can pull almost anything up on google and draw it by hand/eye, she's pretty amazing :) I may be bias :P

  4. Hi Dayna! I can't wait to see what they come up with! And if your daughter wants to send a picture of something I think we can add Art to the contest too, great idea! Thank you so much for the support! :-)